Why buying tires online at tire rack makes sense

On its face, the idea of buying tires online may strike you as bizarre. I thought so myself, until I tried it out and found out how easy it was. Now, I prefer to buy tires this way because I can pick out a tire from a wider selection, and also use online coupons to maximize my discounts and rebates.

For whatever reason, there seem to be a lot of promotions for tires online, and I don’t see as many comparable bargains when I visit tire dealers. Sometimes, an online coupon like a tire rack coupon will let you save $80 or more. On a set of tires, that’s like the equivalent of 20% off.

Installing the tire is well integrated to the experience as well. Usually, I’m able to pick out an installer within 3 miles of where I live by using the tools available at tire rack.

But the biggest benefit is that you can look up tire ratings and tire reviews as you shop. This has helped me greatly in avoiding the not-so-good tires out there.